Welcome to An Carn Distillery

A New And Unique Irish Whiskey, Forged in the True Spirit of the Sperrins.

An Carn Distillery is situated at the foot of Carntogher Mountain, in the heart of The Sperrins. A region of untold natural beauty and a stronghold of vibrant Gaelic culture. In this wild, untouched and rugged landscape, lies a remarkable new distillery. One that draws on centuries of heritage of Irish Whiskey, with the vision to become a bold and modern new enterprise that will stand for centuries to come.

Our founders have a vision to create a new kind of distillery, join us today and be a part of this exciting new journey.

We are proud to be a family farm distillery. Inspired by nature, ingrained in culture, and excellence instilled in every bottle.

We believe in doing things properly. We use traditional methods and equipment, but with a fresh attitude.

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“The light music of whiskey falling into a glass—an agreeable interlude.”

James Joyce

Why An Carn Irish Whiskey?

Tiny acorns grow into mighty oaks…

An Carn Distillery was born in the heart of County Derry, Oak Leaf Country; and much like the little acorn, we too have ambitions to become mighty Oaks. Irish whiskey is in the midst of a resurgence after experiencing a major decline in the past century. This saw the industry almost completely collapse. Today, the industry is back on its feet. Irish whiskey is now the fastest-growing premium spirit in the world. Its exports have grown 300% in the last decade.

With demand for Irish whiskey soaring, we are awakening a sleeping giant.

An Carn Cask Programme