Got a question? Read on below to find answers to the most common questions about our 464 Founders Cask Programme. If you can’t find the info you need drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you.

Why 464 casks?

Inspired by the height of Carntogher, this programme will be limited to 464 casks. Individually numbered & personalised with your name, your cask will be filled with masterfully handcrafted new spirit and laid down in Grade A, first-fill ex-bourbon oak casks. The casks will contain the same new spirit as that which will eventually comprise the core output of the An Carn brand.

What do I get in the cask package?

The 464 Founders Programme offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of the first casks from An Carn Distillery. We have a limited number of 464 founders casks available in 2 sizes:

100 litres
200 litres

What are the wood types and how are the casks seasoned?

An Carn Distillery offers a range of cask seasoning and finishing options which can applied to your cask. Seasoning (Pre-Aging)


Your chosen cask is filled with a liquid of your choice, left for a period to allow the wood to become infused and drained again, before being filled with An Carn new make spirit. This adds character and interest to your spirit as it ages throughout its life.

Finishing (Post-Aging)


Once your cask has reached the end of its maturation period, the liquid is removed and filled into a cask type of your choice for a short period. This can be used to enhance flavours already present in your whiskey or take it to a whole new dimension.

What will the cask filling strength be?

Each cask ordered will be filled with our new make spirit and will be at a strength of 63.5% ABV.

Will the spirit be peated or unpeated?

The spirit in the casks will be unpeated.

Will I get cask samples?

Yes, every year we’ll send you a 100ml sample from your cask along with tasting notes from our head distiller.

Can I visit my cask?

You are welcome to visit your cask and this must be done strictly by appointment only. We request 10 working days’ notice for each cask visit.

How will the casks be matured?

The casks will be matured in our dunnage style warehouse for a minimum of 5 years. We will only release these casks when we believe they are ready.

Are there any additional costs over and above the purchase price?

Yes, other charges will apply once your cask has matured. Summary below, but please see individual FAQs and our Terms and Conditions for more information on each of these.


Bottling costs apply and will be charged at standard industry rates at time of bottling

UK Duty

HMRC charge Duty on liquid based on the percentage of pure alcohol. This is due when the cask is to be removed from our bonded warehouse and is measured in alcohol per volume (abv.)

VAT and other Taxes

UK VAT (Value Added Tax) is currently 20% and is due after your cask has been bottled and the finished goods are removed from our bonded warehouse. Different rates of Duty apply throughout the EU and the rest of the world.

Tax variations

All taxes and duty are subject to change by the UK or country specific governments.


Delivery costs will apply and will be charged at standard rates at the time of bottling. You also have the option of collection at the distillery.  

Duty and tax examples:

Duty and Tax are subject to change over time, so the information below should be used as a guide only based on current rates.   

100 Litre Cask:

Your 100 litre cask, which was filled at 63.5% abv. and has been subject to 2% angel’s share evaporation is estimated to hold 98 litres of pure alcohol after 5 years maturation. Based on current duty rates per litre of pure alcohol, this equates to a total of £1684.28 alcohol duty to be paid at time of bottling.

200 Litre Cask:

Your 200 litre cask, which was filled at 63.5% abv. and has been subject to 2% angel’s share evaporation is estimated to hold 196 litres of pure alcohol after 5 years maturation. Based on current duty rates per litre of pure alcohol, this equates to a total of £3,368.56 alcohol duty to be paid at time of bottling.

The table below gives an idea of the potential total cost of ownership for each cask size and the final payments that will be due upon maturation.  The figures used in this table are all subject to change.

We have estimated the bottle count at the end of the maturation period. The final bottle count may vary according to the length of maturation and the resulting angel’s share which is the natural evaporation and subsequent loss of spirit that occurs during maturation in the cask.

.100 Litre Cask200 Litre Cask
Initial purchase cost to secure cask£3000.00£4,850.00
Bottling excl. VAT£400.00£800.00
Duty (approx.)£1,684.28£3,368.56
VAT @ 20%£1,016.86£1,803.71
Estimated no. of bottles182364
Estimated Price per bottle£33.52£29.73

How do I place my order and what happens next?

On receipt of a completed and signed application form and full payment for the order of the cask, an order confirmation will be provided, your casks(s) allocated and the title for the casks(s) will transfer to the named purchaser.

How many bottles will I get at the end?

As part of the maturation process, natural evaporation and the subsequent loss of spirit from the cask will occur, and this all has an impact on the final number of bottles that can be filled.

An estimated evaporation rate for a 100L cask can be up to 2% per year, and a 200L cask can be estimated at 2% per year. However, the size of the cask, cask location, filling strength and length of maturation can all affect this rate of loss. Therefore, we can’t guarantee the amount of spirit remaining in the cask at the end of the maturation period.

Estimates below are based on 2% angel’s share for the 100L casks, and 2% angel’s share for the 200L casks, both bottled at 46% abv. These numbers are approximate and actual results may vary based on the factors above.

100 litre cask would yield approximately 182 x 70cl bottles after 5 years
200 litre cask would yield approximately 364 x 70cl bottles after 5 years

How does the bottling process work and are there any charges?

All bottling will take place on site at the distillery.  You will have the choice of bottling your whiskey at cask strength or at 46% abv.  The cost of bottling is not included in your initial purchase and will be charged based on standard industry rates at the time of bottling.  We will contact you at the time of bottling to confirm the bottling strength and applicable charges.

If you choose to bottle your whiskey at 46% abv. the water used to reduce your spirit down to this strength will be the same water as used throughout our process.

Can I decide when to bottle my cask?

We will contact you to advise when your Cask Contents can be bottled, it is estimated that this will not be before it has matured for a minimum spirit maturation period of 5 years. You may request that your cask gets bottled at any time after our initial recommendation. If you request to bottle your cask after our initial recommendation you need to give us three months’ notice in writing to allow time to schedule bottling, labelling and duty preparations.

We will cover the cost of warehouse insurance, rent and repairs for a time period of up to eight years. If you wish to leave your cask maturing for longer than 5 years then additional costs will apply. Sampling and cask repair will also be chargeable after the 5 year period and we will not replace spirit losses which may occur, nor spirit in your cask which has not matured to the quality standard expected by us.

Can I partially bottle my cask?

If you own a 100 litre cask the Cask Contents must be bottled in its entirety. If you own a 200 litre cask it may be possible to bottle the Cask Contents in two stages, please contact us to discuss your requirements at that time, additional charges may apply.

Can I get my whiskey delivered in the cask it was matured in?

We do not currently offer the option to keep your cask and all whisky must be bottled by us at the end of the maturation period. We will retain the cask after your whisky has been bottled.

What are my delivery & collection options?

The cost of delivery is not included in your initial purchase and will be charged at standard rates at the time of bottling.

Please note that deliveries to the United States of America will need to be managed through our nominated distributor.

We welcome you to come to the distillery and collect your bottles personally by prior arrangement. Just let us know if this is your preferred option and we will agree a mutually suitable date and time. All costs for any collections are your responsibility.

Where do you deliver to outside the UK?

We aim to ship to as many locations globally as possible, but there are some restrictions out with our control – please check that we can deliver to your location before ordering.

What will the bottle labels look like?

The images on our website give a good indication of what these labels could look like, but final labelling and packaging details will be confirmed by us with you at the time of bottling.  Labels must comply with all Irish Whiskey legislation and any other relevant legislation at the time. The label will record that the product has been distilled, matured and bottled at An Carn Distillery and we shall endeavour to accommodate any reasonable requests for customisation of labelling (at your cost and provided that we shall be under no obligation to accommodate any customisation that may, in our opinion, adversely affect the Brand).

Why are you offering small casks?

With a higher liquid-to-wood ratio the maturation time is quicker and the extra contact with the wood will enhance the final flavour profile.

What are the additional membership benefits of being in the Founders Cask Programme?

The names of 464 Founders club members will be recorded on the distillery tasting table as a permanent reminder of those who joined us at the start of our journey.  If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, just let us know when you order.

Other member benefits include:

*note that these timescales are subject to change

Cask Order ConfirmationWe will email your Cask Order Confirmation detailing the size of cask, wood type and seasoning selected along with your unique cask reference number.Within 48hrs of order placement
Welcome PackIncludes your 464 Founders Club Certificate of Membership and copper Membership Card. Your membership card entitles you to free tours for life. We believe whiskey is for sharing, so you can bring a friend for free too!Within 2 months of order
Whiskey Journey PackIncludes a display stave to mark the start of your whiskey journey. The stave is made of virgin oak to represent the beginning of your casks journey and comes with vials of barley, yeast and water so it reflects the end to end process that will deliver your final whiskey. Adding one of your cask samples to the display slots each year will build a wonderful picture of your whiskey’s journey.Feb-Mar 2023
Launch PackIncludes a 200ml bottle of new make spirit straight from the stills once we start production. This pack also includes everything you need to enjoy your first taste – a branded glass, coaster and water dropper. Not forgetting the first 100ml sample bottle to add to your stave.When the distillery opens (est. late 2023)
Certificate of Cask OwnershipOnce your cask is filled, we’ll send you a certificate of cask ownership that confirms the cask filling date and contents.When your cask is filled
Cask SamplesFive times over your cask maturation period we’ll send you 2 x 100ml samples from your cask along with tasting notes. One to taste and one to add to your display stave.Regular intervals – e.g. every 12 or 18 months
Personalised LabellingThere’s the option to add your name to the label on your whiskey when it is bottled. Full details in our Terms & Conditions.When your cask is released

Capital Gains

Whiskey purchased in a cask in the UK that is for personal use (e.g. a gift for family, a special birthday or wedding present etc.) is considered exempt from Capital Gains Tax.  This is because in the UK, Capital Gains Tax is not applicable to whiskey as it is regarded as a ‘tangible’, ‘wasting’ asset.  On realisation of the asset, you would not be expected to pay Capital Gains Tax.